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Loctek Monitor Mount for Control Center Solution


Loctek single & multiple monitor mounts provide ideal ergonomic solutions for A/V mounting and allow to have the perfect working environment.

Beautiful design is not just seen, it's experienced.

  • Security & Surveillance Centers

    In security & surveillance control room it is necessary to have the right monitors mounts system which has maximum flexibility and ergonomic design and perfect control of viewing angles, because it is necessary for their functionality and comfort and make it easier to have a quick response on any critical decision-making.

  • Emergency Dispatch Rooms

    We deeply understand the importance of 24-7 control rooms and the operators that work within them. Loctek strives to provide whether an emergency dispatcher or a CCTV operator with the best solutions for monitoring mount system to meet the specific requirements of the emergency services. While users can adjust monitor arms with minimum effort, they remain focused.

  • Operations & Communications Centers

    Loctek is aware of the necessities in operarions & communications centers, they need to have a suitable ergonomic solution where the space can be perfectly distributed and the information inside it perfectly handled. Loctek provides the highest quality standards to allow the users develop their activities, which are extremely stressful for many hours even to maintain a 24/7 operations.

  • Audio-Visual Broadcast Console

    By designing upgraded monitor arms within operator reach while displays are placed for the best viewing angles, Loctek ensures outstanding ergonomics on every monitoring mount system equiped with audio-visual broadcast console to support operators to work efficiently in high-pressure situations.

  • Production Control

    In any industry where process control plays a key role, control rooms are important to the organisation. Loctek creates the best solution for monitoring mount system with an understanding of the importance it has in the process control procedure.


    Loctek understands the exact requirements of marine and ports logistics on the monitor arms system with their control room. We develop the best solution for managing monitors in control rooms and how they work to ensure they are efficient throughout the work day.


    Ergonomic factors has a significant influence on a person's mind as well as their body. Loctek has considered users'comfort and creates the best solution of monitor mounting system to provide productivity and efficiency during long operations at their control room of CCTV surveillance.


    Loctek understands that in airport control rooms, remaining focused is a significant consideration for, particularly in air traffic management. We design our monitor mounts to improve user comfort and well-being, which helps improve focus. Operator comfort is assured through height-adjustment, monitor set-up and video wall line-of-sight, helping to avoid neck, shoulder and back pain.


    Surveillance monitoring plays a key role in the security operations in any correctional facility, especially in prison control rooms. Loctek's D7 series adjustable monitor mounts provide perfect sightlines to video surveillance monitors mounted in the console as well as in monitor walls. Whether you utilize CRT monitors, LCD displays or a combination of both, we have a perfect monitor mounting solution that will work for you.

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    • Adjustable & Smooth

      Arms easily adjust to support an ergonomically control room console.

    • Ergonomic Factors

      Our monitor arms deliver efficiencies to their users by ensuring their comfort and well-being.

    • Critically Joint Engineering

      High-quality ball joint tilts and swivels your monitor with zero monitor bounce.

    • Configurable for Any Situation

      Quick to attach, robust, scalable.  Our unique design supports your office space with speed and flexibility.

    • Cable Management

      Cable management system organizes wires for a tidy working environment.

    • Attach to Any Surface

      Our worktop clamp will fit to any home or office desk. The post easily supports the weight of two widescreen monitors. 

Loctek D7 series single & multiple monitor mounts